Spring Day

Roman spent the day yesterday riding around his home-made bike course. It included a 2x8 board, an old slide and a "jump". If you look closely you can almost see air under the front tire...or is that a rock? He spent hours perfecting his "stunts".
He's a little adrenaline junkie. I was away the other evening and Roman and his Dad watched "Nitro-Circus" together....I was not impressed. This kid doesn't need any encouragement in the stunt department! I have visions of him riding his bike off the roof of our house or some other "seemed like a good idea at the time" stunt. He did have fun perfecting his moves though. He did really well considering he only got his big kid two wheeler bike this spring....we preferred to keep him slowed down by his little training wheel bike last year. He was more than ready for the two wheeler though....I think mom just had to be ready for this (and all the trips to the ER that are inevitably in his bike riding future)

I hauled out the "work bench" for the kids to keep busy with. It's usually locked away in the garage...a suitable place but too unavailable for the kids to actually enjoy. Aili made all sorts of things with her hammer, some scrap wood and a bowl full of nails (that I am hoping will not find their way to my car tires!).

The kids were outside a total of 9 hours yesterday! I LOVE this weather...spring is finally here!....for this weekend anyway. It could snow again next week for all I know. We've had to start watering our yard already since we have not had any measurable rain yet this year. Not looking good for the crops...we really need some rain. Things here are dry dry dry.

After a long day running around outside Silas conked out in a hurry. I love sleeping baby pictures....actually I love sleeping babies. So quiet and peaceful. So kissable!

I LOVE SUMMER! SO glad we can be an outside family again!
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Emily said...

I came over from BabyLoss Directory- thanks for sharing your story with us. It helps to know we are not alone. ((hugs)) Emily from Stepping Stones (http://www.steppingstonesblog.blogspot.com)

Rebecca M said...

Wow, that is one cool looking kids' workbench you guys have there! When things are dryer around here, I'll have to pull ours out of the garage, too... And I'll send some wetness your way too!

carrie church said...

Roman and my boys would cause both of us some serious worry if they got together. Each day that passes when all I have to do is apply antiseptic wash and a few bandaids, is another day down that I didn't take our first trip to the ER. Just wait til Silas joins him!